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Care Coaching: Taking Remote Patient Monitoring to the Next Level

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is becoming a standard of care in many physician practices. RPM allows providers to:
• Receive, via a dashboard or EMR, a real-time view of the patient’s health data.
• Prevent unscheduled office visits during this challenging time of provider and nursing shortages.

RPM Healthcare takes the benefits of remote patient monitoring one step further by offering care coaching services from licensed nurses. Care coaches play a vital role in the patient’s journey. Their

Stop Focusing on Weight Loss!

A blog series to help you focus on making healthier choices and living a healthier life, choices that can lead to weight loss and maintenance.

Struggling with weight is nothing new, and if weight loss is achieved, many struggle to maintain it. Reasons may vary for weight loss, but everyone is well aware of the benefits: Losing weight can lower cholesterol and blood pressure; reduce the risk of diabetes; as well as reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Although we all know the benefits,

Remote Patient Monitoring: Impacting the Cost of Healthcare

Economic evaluations suggest that remote patient monitoring-based healthcare services can be more cost-effective than typical care from a payor perspective.

With the rise in the use of remote patient monitoring by healthcare providers, more since the pandemic, studies are now demonstrating not only the clinical benefits, such as reductions in blood pressure, weight, blood sugars, hospitalizations, and readmissions but also the impact on the cost of healthcare.

Considering the high prevalence a

Remote Patient Monitoring Assists in Easing Modern-Day Healthcare Challenges

Remote patient monitoring can help providers best serve the healthcare needs of their patients while coping in today’s challenging environment.

Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic hospitals and physician offices are still trying to cope with the fallout. Physician and nursing shortages that began before the pandemic are now magnified, placing our nation’s healthcare system in an extremely challenging position. Professional shortages, increased costs, and reports of extreme stress, anxiety,